Render Que and Field Linking

Started by kent_m, June 05, 2024, 04:31:59 PM

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Is there a way in Terragen to set multiple render layers to render sequentially? A render Que basically.

Is there a way to link field values in Render layers to a single "master" filed? Whereby a change to the "master" field would change all "linked" fields? 

Thanks again

Kevin Kipper

On a Windows system, you can create a batch file (.bat) containing the command line instructions, thereby creating a render queue.

Here's the online docs:

Currently, Render Layers does not have the type of feature you're asking about.  Can you elaborate more specifically on what you're trying to do and how you would use this?



Thanks very much!  :)

Not being a windows guy by nature this didn't even occur to me

Kevin Kipper

This link will direct you to the command line rendering documentation for Mac and Linux too.


Thanks for the link! I've passed it to our support team (...and he just says he was actually just reading it :) )

Regarding the other question, about "field linking" - What I mean is basically having the numerical values input into one field affect/change the values of "children" fields in other Render Layers. 

I have a scene file with a single cloud set-up split into multiple Render Layers - because of the need to have them rendered with different lights. Because of this if I want to change a setting I have multiple Render Layers to adjust, each individually. So what I want to be able to do, for example, is to "link" the AA field in 'Render Layer 2' to the AA field in 'Render Layer 1' as a "child". So when I change the AA setting in 'Render Layer 1' then the AA setting in 'Render Layer 2' will automatically change as well.

Does this make sense?

Kevin Kipper

Currently there is no linking of one node's parameters to another.

When you change a parameter value on the "master" render layer, would the other render layers be changed to the same value?  For example, changing the master render node's Image width from 800 to 1920, would the other render node Image width values change to 1920 as well?

If so, you can do that with the RPC feature and writing a script, and we've been developing a Python script to do just that.


Yes, thats pretty much it. I probably should not have used the term "master" especially in relation to Render Layers as it might get confused with the "Master" toggle in the Render Layer node, which refers to something else. A better term is probably "parent", "parent & child".

But yes the idea is when one field is set to be a "child" of a field in another node then the child's inputs are entered not manually but derive from whatever is entered into the "parent" field.

Nuke used to have a way of doing this (it still may, i haven't used Nuke in ages :) ) with variables, similar to the way Terragen uses variables to name render outputs, and After Effects does the same thing between values in layers. With the Nuke set up there was a syntax where you'd identify the node and the field and the connection was set up.