Problem after the maintenance of the forum ?

Started by pclavett, June 10, 2024, 02:34:50 PM

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Hi guys ! I went on the Image Sharing section today and advised it was "in maintenance". Now it is back up but there seems to be a lost of image sharing topic for the last week or so or am I confused ? Iposted on the weekend and had comments from Dune and Stormlord and now all seems missing. I had also sent a message to Stormlord and had a response from him apparently, but nowhere to be found. Could something have happened during the maintenance ? Paul

Kevin Kipper

Hi Everyone,

We had some website issues over the weekend and needed to perform a restoral from a backup copy this morning.  Unfortunately, this means that some of the posts from over the weekend are now lost.  Our apologies. 


No problems Kevin,
Reposted my image and all is fine.
Appreciate all your work and this wonderful software !