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Started by choronr, January 10, 2008, 11:11:02 pm

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Can anyone advise where I might be able to find a quality 'Saguaro Cactus' .tgo file? The one provided by Xfrog is not very good as it is not typical of what we see in the Sonora Desert. Theirs is swollen and looks typical of what one may plant in front of his house. Saguaro Cactus are usually lean; and, olive to brownish green; not the bright Kelly green we see in their models. Thanks.


Hi Bob,

I don't have another saguaro cactus model, but I was thinking you could easily solve these problems yourself.
You could use the scale options to make the object lean and you could adjust the textures in photoshop for the right colors.



Thanks Martin, I've had some conversation with Jay as well; and, it looks like we've come up with a pretty respectable specimen. Some color, displacement and 'Y' adjustments did the trick. I appreciate your suggestions.