Aesculus (Horse Chestnut) for y'all

Started by mr-miley, February 11, 2008, 06:27:00 am

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Hi there all. I have uploaded another model for y'all to use and abuse. As the title of this thread implies, its an Aesculus, or horse chestnut tree. I have included all the imagemaps + bump maps + transparency maps. There are 3 different coloured leaves included for a bit of variation. If you want you can just remap all the leaf groups to a single leaf map if you want them all the same. Feel free to use and abuse. The file can be got here Its the last one at the bottom of the page. I have compressed this one with Winrar (available here ) as Winrar compressed to 41 MB whereas winzip only managed 61 MB


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Cheers  ;D

I have been using the other one quite a lot but that will probably go by the wayside now.
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mr-miley, I noticed you passed some of your models through Poseray.  What do you find this program useful for?  The site for Poseray is pretty sparse.


Would you be able to upload that to Ashundar for a more permanent and accessible solution? - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.


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Hi all.

Glad you like. Hope its useful.

Mr_Lamppost... yeah, I think this one is better, though if you aren't doing real closeup stuff, you can use them both for a bit of variety  ;)

Bidmaron.... I actually pass all my models through Poseray. The site IS... sparse to say the least  :) Poseray seems to fix many things that the programs used to create the models seem to get wrong. Mainly it sorts out the image mapping (for bark, leaves etc), or if you are just using colour it pays to reapply it in poseray. Usually it goes like this. I export from the modeling package (Xfrog, Onyxtree etc) as an OBJ file, then load this into poseray (the Horsechestnut I just uploaded took about 1/4 hour to load even on a 2 x 3GHz zeon workstation). I then reaply all the  texture image maps, transparency maps and bump maps (I'm not too sure if this is really necessary, as I usually have to reaply them in TG too) then export it as an OBJ file (usually overwriting the original). By doing this, when you open the model in TG, in the multishader you at least have a list of parts that you can rehook the image maps too. Without running it through Poseray, I find you often get a blank multishader  :( Hope at least some of that made some sort of sense  ;D

O B... If I could find an upload link on ashundar for anything apart from pictures, I would be more than happy to upload all my models. I am probably looking straight at it, but I have looked and looked  :( (By the way, is my domain, and I've had it for years, so its not likely to be going anywhere  ;D ) EDIT OK, so I'm an eeejut, I was damn sure I'd posted on Ashundar before. Obviously hadn't. Thats why I couldn't find an upload link. DOH  :-[


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very nice tree thanks, mr. miley and the upload link at ashundar is as is to the right top middle of page,  you have to post something first, which i
seen you have, you should be good to go.