Staggered Height Floating Populations

Started by dandelO, February 16, 2008, 10:11:03 pm

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I did something similar for the fish population in this image.

I created a very spikey terrain but only plugged it into the population.
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This makes sense.  I'll try it.

Quote from: dandelO on February 18, 2008, 11:00:27 am
Got to go to work soon Calico but, maybe later I'll put a .tgd together and .rar it with this heightfield. Basicaly, in your terrain group, you'll load a heightfield(I made this one in an app called Terrabrush), which side-on, looks like a saw, like this: ^^^^^^^,  now, scaling the height of this(really high, 10,000m) and using these 'knife blade' mountains as the terrain for your pop' to sit on, then unchecking render surface in 'planet1' makes the heightfield nothing more than a distribution map. Simple!
You don't set your POV looking down the direction that the grooves of the distribution terrain run, you look at it front on, through it.
In the screenshot in my above post, you can see where the camera is facing, through these 10,000m high walls.

I'll make some kind of demo later, got to go...

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Just for the record,it works without a compute terrain node also.
Only a heightfield shader connected to the object terrain shader
input will do. ;)