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Started by lonewolf, February 19, 2008, 06:48:39 am

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Ok guys, here is the lighthouse model from my last picture. It's also in my next picture which will be during daybreak as getting a light beam at night seems very difficult. Anyway, it has a lightbox at the top which is hollow with an opening 90deg to the door and windows, so quite easy to use.

Use as you wish. Any improvements I'd like to see.


Great Model, thanks for sharing


Nice,  :) thanks for sharing.


Great of you to share  excellent work here 
Thanks for sharing
Chef C  ;)

Serving the masses  8)


This is very nice.  Thanks.  Can't wait to use it.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?



I made a modification to the light box on the lighthouse and have had some good preliminary results for producing a fairly good beam of light. I should have something to to show later today. I can send you the modified model if you would like me to.


Thanks sonshine777, that would be great. What setting were you using for the light beam?



I'm running the light diameter at about a radius.007 to .05 with the strength between 200 and 1000. The higher the strength the further the beam goes.

My light box is a modified cube with a concave in the face done using a sphere and a Boolean function.  I then have placed different shutters in front to control the beam width.

I kept having problems with light leaking through the walls of the box until I applied a reflective shader to the box, as soon as I did that the light only went out the front of the box.

I will get the models posted tonight. I say models because I modified your model and took the light box out, and created separate models of the light box (exploring different beam widths) which when placed at the same coordinates as the lighthouse will be at the same position your light box was. The nice thing about separate that you can rotate the lighthouse to best suit the scene and then point the light box model any direction you would like. The light source would be set at the same x,z coordinates as the lighthouse with a y value of 18.706 above the base elevation. At this point I have 3 light boxes that I have created, all are interchangeable.

Sorry I don't have any images to post yet will do so later today (I hope).


No need to apologise. This is great news, we need to exchange models and help each other out. That way we get better pictures and have more fun with Terragen. I had thought of making the lighbox a seperate model as well with the offset origin, but that's as far as I got.
I have another idea brewing at the moment, but would love to have another go with your modified model when you think it's right to go.



Do you want me to e-mail the models to you , or post them on Ashunder? (tonight)