Unable to save render in Terragen0.9

Started by robfigee, February 21, 2008, 02:24:23 PM

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Hi. An unpleasant surprise after 8 hours and 40 minutes rendering of a landschape. Image size: 13200 x 9271 pixels. Message: Not enough Memory. Please close running programs.
There were no others applications running, so I was forced to close Terragen and count my losses!
Is this a known problem or did I do something wrong?



With an image that big, you're going to run into memory issues.  I forget exactly how TG 0.9 is laid out on Windows - try the Render to file option if it's there.
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I don't recall if there's a max render size that TG 9 will handle but I do remember that people started running into problems with anything over 10000 x 7500. The largest I've rendered was 7500 x 5625 which is fine for nice print.


That size of image is extremely large and will push TG 0.9 to its limits in Windows. 11,500x11,500 is the maximum pixel area I have ever successfully rendered, after many successive tests. Your total pixel area is actually lower than that, even though one dimension is larger, so it should be possible to render it successfully provided you have at least 1GB and preferably 2+GB's of RAM. First, reboot your machine and make sure any resident processes are disabled. Then open the scene and terrain and go to the Render Settings and set the Render Buffer to 5MB. Then try rendering again. If it still fails try turning off antialiasing.

- Oshyan


Thanks for all your replies. I have 1 Gb of memory and Windows XP. Rendering to file - as I understood - is only available for Mac users.
I will experiment with lower settings. The point is, that the images should have enough quality for print. Generally I work with 3000 pixels wide and 300 dpi. I did a test with 3000 pixels and 72 dpi ( standard setting in TG.9) that was very good on a A3 print.
It just was such a desillusion after that  long rendertime not to be able to save, but, that's life!
Thanks for your feedback.

EDIT: I found out I did not look too well at the image size in cm. Translated in Photoshop my 3307 pixels wide image was 300 dpi! So the ridiculous size of 12500 was totally unnacessary.