Camera Chan File Reader Bug?

Started by Adam Chrystie, January 07, 2007, 12:51:00 AM

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Adam Chrystie


Are there any known bugs with chan file import for the terragen camera?
I think i found some but i want to make sure i am not using the program incorrectly or just running in to a limitation
of the preview tech version.

I am using the tech 2 preview to evaluate if we might be able to use Terragen 2 on a project. We know it is still a preview
but if we know that teh camera motions between Maya and T2 will work then, we can wait for a more mature T2.

So this is what I did.

I make a height field in T2 and exported it as a LWO.

Then I used Modo to convert the LWO in to a Ma file. (the scale is one to one between the two applications)

In Maya I placed a simple house on the terrain and exported its positional info via the ImportExportChan.mel script.
I also saved the simple house out as a OBJ.

Then i animated teh maya camera a bit & exported its animation using the above script.

I looked at teh chan files and the data seems to be correctly saved in them.

I started the  terragen two program & loaded the same project that i used to make the heightfield.

I went to the T2 camera settings and used the option on the bottom to import the chan file. First i rowsed tot eh file and then i selected "import chan file"...nothing happened. no animation was read in.

Then i went to the positional box for teh camera and selected the animation curve icon [the icon looks familiar ;)]

T2 informed me that 1 frame of animation had been read. and it seemed to read it properly.

Then i did the same for the camera's rotational settings..but this time T2 read in the positional info.

OS X 10.4.8 PPC
Terragen Tech Preview 2

Adam Chrystie
3D Artist & Infrastructure/Pipeline Developer


The free Technology Preview does not support animation. It sounds like this is probably why you're having problems and the animation info isn't being read correctly - it's disabled in the free version. To the best of my knowledge the .chan file import is otherwise working correctly, provided you have the registered Deep + Animation version.

- Oshyan