Feature Request: Import of Other Procedural Textures and Shaders

Started by Cyber-Angel, January 07, 2007, 01:49:58 AM

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In the future will it be possible to import procedural textures and even whole shaders from applications that are capable of producing them such as PR Renderman, Maya, XSI and DarkTree .

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I don't see this happening anytime soon. It's a common question with most app. Shaders today are much like meshes used to be. Each program had their own mesh file format that; of coase, couldn't be used in any other modeling program. Oh, there were/are programs for converting, but they used to be quite expensive. Now I see one day there will be a shader converter, it will be expencive and only work with the most common shader types. But there is nothing right now.  :'(
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As Stanley said this is extremely unlikely to happen, unless those application authors choose to create plugins for TG2 which support their formats. Procedural systems are largely proprietary, whether in their fundamental algorithms, or just in the storage systems which hold their setting values. Explicit support from each developer or community is essentially a necessity. So your best bet if you want such support is to discuss the matter with the developers in question and encourage them to directly support TG2 through our SDK, which we will be providing at a later time.

- Oshyan