Terragen 2 Documentation

Started by Sethren, December 21, 2006, 03:53:15 AM

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Instructions are for ninnies :P...

Just get stuck in.. poke around a bit.. and see what happens ;)

J/K.. can't wait to finaly figure out what everything does.
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These instructions are just wonderful!   Being a beginner, these step by step instructions are a godsend for me. I will be able to advance much faster with these great tutorials, thank you!
This is sooooooo much fun. 
TG2 was my Christmas present, I told my husband that it was all I wanted for Christmas.  Nothing else.
But if I dont stop playing with the program and start to get ready for my guests and family, I will be in the doghouse.

Thank you for an amazing program and superb help documentation!
Merry Christmas!
Jane ;D