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Started by rcallicotte, March 25, 2008, 01:40:02 pm

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Thanks ... I did not catch that. 

I reconfigured the scene and used 3 concentric spheres without the transform shaders.

Outer sphere   radius = 9000
Middle sphere radius  = 2000
Inner sphere radius  = 1000

In this case the inner sphere blocks the middle and outher spheres and you see no higher clouds. The other meta-cloud layers are working but they cannot be seen through the lower layer.

I'll play around with this and get back to you.

Steve Horstmeyer


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Steve, I'll wager you're still filling the planet to its core with clouds. To make concentric layers with 3 different planets with 3 seperate radii, you'll want to limit the depth of your clouds to limit how far back and forward of their altitude they're reaching.

'Test1' is your .tgd with the new concentric sizes and each planet filled to its core with cloud. It looks not unlike your unedited .tgd renders(except the quality), I moved the sun to 130° from 90° as it was shining the clouds up too much, I'd bet if I moved it to 90° and rendered there wouldn't be much difference in my test and yours. No cigar!

So, I've changed the cloud depths, and their densities to match, and this method works fine for concentric layers of cirrus clouds(you can do this in TG anyway the conventional way with 3d cirrus layers so this seems like work that's done already but, it's worth doing anyway, just to see. ;)).

Bear in mind: my metacloud model was originally designed(but not bound. ;)) to be used as blocks of fluff that could be built into cloud formations.
As such, the one-density-fractal-does-all method works well. You'll want to add different density fractals to each layer because, at such varying distances, they won't look as good, obviously.

Original with concentric clouds at full cover = test1.
Edited cloud depths = test2.

Edited.tgd is attatched.



INSTANT EDIT: I also moved the camera slightly because it was inside a cloud. :)


Here's the view from outside looking in.

The camera in the edited.tgd is inside the smallest circle. If you look close, you can just see it, looking back at you! ;)



is this thread still alive? :)

well, here is a file from me anyways, first planetary scale clouds  i managed to create with quite some detail.


p.s.: postworked version with curve-adjustment/contrast
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This is quite an old one but I got a couple of requests over on Ashundar/
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Thanks for posting that, Mr. L ;). - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.


OMG, this is wonderful.  Thanks Mr. L.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


heres a small tryout of animated/ dissoving clouds...


Here's what I call my "Average Dutch" atmo clip.
You can find an image it was used in here:;topic=5624.0;attach=14655;image
Nothing spectacular but just the average Dutch sky on a average Dutch day.
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Ice cirrus
This is a slightly modified version of the cirrus clouds that I used in this scene:

This clip has been modified so that it can easily be dropped into a default scene and give an acceptable result.

The original complete project file is available here:;dl=item477
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As a total TG2-beginner I am very happy about these marvellous clouds. Thank you all :)


If you could attach the schematic file as an Adobe PDF file, which I think that you can, you could zoom in and out on it as needed in order to see detail.

There are plenty of free PDF file creator tools out there to make the files out of jpegs or whatever.


Can someone post clouds for a gas giant? I've been trying to make a gas giant but it looks like crap from space and the clouds are always above the camera from within the atmosphere.
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If you are still using Terragen 0.9.43 for your Uranus project, the .tgc clip files posted here will not help you.  Google search for Terragen .atm files.
...and most clouds here are for earthly projects, as most here go for realism, as in earth.  If you are using T2, keep tweaking!  That is what most of us do.  - Bill .
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