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Started by rcallicotte, March 25, 2008, 01:40:02 pm

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Here are some more clouds to play with.  Dune asked about some settings from another thread and maybe these are it.  If I have posted these before, my apologies.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?



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Here's 1 sunset thingy from long ago


looks nice!
cheers freelancah!


Thanks! Changed the file a bit and re-render to show the sky better


I want to share my "On Top Clouds" clip file. I used these clouds in my "On Top of Some World" file.
I used three cloud files....I think they were all Cirrus clouds???
This file is best used with a very high camera angle.
If used credit or a mention of my name would be nice but, I'll leave that up to you as I know I don't always remember where or from whom I borrowed a file....use freely.
Thanks for all of your help and free has helped me alot!!!
Sharing is a good thing.


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these look great Mark, cheers!


Thanks Mark, these are good looking and deserve a place in future compositions.


Thank you sir!! will help me understand good cloud settings further


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Here's a thing I was playing with and thought it would be a good idea to tidy it up to make it easily usable as a clipfile. It provides up to 3 extra levels of added detail based on Voronoi noise to the cloud layer. This might be useful as another approach at creating the 'mackerel' effect in the sky as it adds continually decreasing cells to the layer. Further warping and/or stretching(not included) could probably be tweaked to make some cool 'herringbone' effects, too. Have a play.

The instructions(are also in a note node in the internal network of 'Voronoi Cloud Shader') are as follows;

Main Network View.

The cloud seed and distribution controls, 'Density Fractal 01', is found beside the cloud layer node. You can use random seeds until you have a nice form that suits your scene. I have made a nice default setting. You can adjust all parameters of this node to your own taste, so it has been left easily accesible in the main network view.
As well as providing seed and coverage functions, 'Density fractal 01' is also the mask for the following levels of Voronoi detail.
'Density Fractal 01' should NOT be connected directly to the cloud layer, it is supposed to be that way.

The node 'Voronoi Cloud Shader' should be plugged into the density fractal input of the cloud layer node.

Internal Network View('Voronoi Cloud Shader' node).

Choose an output from 'Level 1', 'Level 2' or 'Level 3'. Plug it into the 'colour function' input of 'Voronoi Shader'. Each ascending level of Voronoi functions raise cloud detail by adding smaller scales of cells which subdivide the level directly below themselves. Consequently, the higher the function level, the longer the render time.

Level 1 =  Adds 750m base-cells to the cloud layer.
Level 2 = Adds a subdivision level of 4 to the base-cells.
Level 3 = Adds a subdivision level of 8(of the base-cells) to level 2.

Lastly, there is a node in the internal network called 'Warper'. This does just that, warps the cloud layer to remove the visible straight edges from the default Voronoi cells. It is scaled to match the preset Voronoi scales and shouldn't require any further editing.

'Level 1,2 or 3' nodes plug into the 'Voronoi Shader' as shown in the internal network screenshot, default settings are 'Level 3' - Full Voronoi settings;

The clip file defaults are 'Voronoi Clouds_b - Level 3'.
Voronoi Clouds_a
Voronoi Clouds_b

Cheers! :)


Wonderful clouds, again! Thank you, Martin!
"Ik rotzooi maar wat aan" Karel Appel


Welcome! :)

I'm still playing with them too, I think there's lots of potential for interesting cloud features here.


Now this is different.