How can I create a second camera that will always appear in the default TGD file

Started by Tim O'Donoghue, January 07, 2007, 08:12:50 PM

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Tim O'Donoghue

I'm trying to create a second camera to use as a secondary "eye in the sky" .

I can create and use a second (or more) camera, but can't quite figure out how to get it to appear when I open Terragen. I would like the second camera to always be there, even in a brand new file, without having to create a new one each time.

That leads to two possibilities:

1. edit the default.xml file

2. create a TGD file with a second camera and use it as the default.

So far, no luck with either of those. If I cahnage the default.xml file, it either does not work right and the second camera (from a clip file) is not there, or Terragen starts and closes immediately.

Any ideas on this?


Tim O


Changing the Default.xml file is the only way to do this at present. I would load the default scene, add the camera, then save as default.tgd in the same folder as default.xml. Then close TG2, navigate to that folder in Explorer, rename default.xml to default.xml.old (or similar) and finally rename default.tgd to default.xml. Just tested this here and it works fine.

- Oshyan

Tim O'Donoghue

Ahhh! Right-e-o!

I was trying to splice it ... DOH!

Thanks, Oshyan.  8-)


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Tim O'Donoghue



I just thought I'd mention that the next TP release ( no word on when that'll be ) will have an section in the preferences which will let you choose a Project file to use for loading settings from when TG2 starts up or you create a new project. This means that you can set up TG2 how you like it, with extra cameras, a base surface map, cloud layers, whatever, save a Project file and then choose to use that for default settings. This is a much friendlier way of doing things than messing with the default.xml file.

TG Mac v0.9 has a similar feature using World files, if you're a TG Mac user.



Tim O'Donoghue