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Version some odds and ends
« on: May 02, 2008, 05:35:54 PM »
1/ Heightfield from image(?). Only takes a max of 1024 pixels, in TGA don't know about others.
2/ Having problems with height field merge. I've had to go back a couple of generations in my save, as the project stopped utilising at all. They're in the flow but is not producing any output any more! Tried all options with no success! All I did was change a couple of connections further down the chart, and there it went. Putting the connections back solved nothing.
3/ Problems with tree traversal? I have 3 Heightfield erode in the flow. When they are set on auto and I reload the file it will take about half an hour to get through the erode calculations. It performs each one a lot of times, I lost count. If I do them manually it takes under five minutes.

I know its alpha, but its fun! thanks