Camera positioning in the heightfield viewer

Started by groverwa, January 17, 2007, 10:29:07 PM

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This no big deal but i know we can see the camera position change in the hieghtfield viewer as we change the coordinates of the camera but when positioning the camera using ALT RM, LM or zoom the camera position does not change in the viewer until a quick render has been made

Is this going to be made available at a later date???



The top-down view will be significantly enhanced and altered in the future. It is extremely basic right now and is really only intended as a simple preview of the current shader or heightfield.

- Oshyan


I use both the top down view and preview window to move the camera around and find it very useful. The only thing I miss is not being able to rotate/tilt the camera in the heightfield view. (maybe a right click on the axis to rotate around the axis??)


For loaded TER files, it doesn't link properly unless the lower left of the TER is set to 0,0 (ie don't centre on 0,0)
If you change the camera position/orientation in the preview window, after you click on "set camera", just click on the hieghtfield view to correct the camera position (camera also becomes unselected).

It would also be really helpful if the y-axis could be extended to the point where it intersects with the terrain. This would make positioning the camera a lot easier in oblique views, providing both a ground reference and an indication of altitude.