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Started by Khansc, January 05, 2007, 08:13:32 PM

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There's one terragen scene i'm unable to render, and I just don't know what's wrong. The render starts well, but it seems much faster than usual, then after some seconds TG2 and render window crash without error or warning. I'm uploading the tgd file.

Edit: the problem is with the final full render, smaller resolutions show no problem.


It seems to be an issue with your GI settings. If you reduce Sample Quality to 2 instead of 5 it works fine. Definitely a bug though, thanks for the report.

- Oshyan


I'm having my render scene crash constantly as well. I've set GI details and quality from both 3 back to 2, and even then, it still crashed. Secondly, I bumped up the anti-aliasing afterwards to 8, and about halfway again, it crashed, so I've set it back to 6. I've got the deep version and trying to do a high-res render (1280 x 1024), but all I get is crashes halfway through the render scene. Maybe I should turn off the GI surface details and see if it works, but I don't really want to sacrifice image quality. I'll give a couple of things a try though, but I think this is a serious bug which needs to be ironed out, because no one wants a bug that crashes your render, no matter how high/low quality it is.


Bluefinger, in many cases you simply don't need "GI Surface details". I would strongly recommend against simply turning on all detail settings on the assumption that it will matter for every render. Many settings have little or no visible or positive effect on a given render, but will increase rendering time a great deal (raytrace shadows in cloud layers for example).

As for the crashes, it's unlikely they're GI-related. There are a number of other more common crash bugs that are probably to blame. Do you have objects in your scene? Reflective shaders? Heavy displacement? Are you using the Alpine Shader? It would really help to know some more details if your scene.

- Oshyan