Importing 3D text from C4D

Started by moray, January 10, 2007, 03:20:53 PM

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Maybe I'm just 'stoopid' or just can't see it because it's right in front of me, but how can I import 3D text from C4D?...and if it's even possible will the results be smooth enough to be useable?   I have read on here that there's currently no smoothing algorithm in place.

Any pointers would be really nice.


Don't know much about C4D but can you export the text as a .obj ? you can import that into TG2


Thanks FrankThomas!  and I believe I just answered my own question (I didn't look far enough at the export options).  I was looking for 'obj' format and it is called 'Wavefront' as the choice.   I will try it and see.

Thanks again for a response.


...nope, couldn't make it work.  I can do the import thing (although I don't see anything in the preview window) but when I try to render the program crashes.

If anyone can make this happen, I would be very grateful!


The object will be imported at 0, 0, 0 so you'll have to move it around to where you want it.  One thing that some people have found helps with the .obj rendering bug is to go to the node view, right click on the object you've imported and resave it as a .tgo

Delete the .obj and reimport the .tgo and see if it helps


 I have been using c4d exports in tg2, but I run them thru Wings3D to tesselate>quadrangulate ( ???) after C4D before importing to TG2.
This post at TerraNuts gives good info on the steps in Wings3D.


Thanks to both of you (FrankThomas and SeerBlue)!!  Sounds like you guys have the heads up on how to do it properly.

I will try that today.


Also note that you wont actually see the object in the preview window, just the bounding box for it.
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OK manleystanley, thanks for the info.