Errors after installing new update, what have I done wrong!

Started by reck, June 30, 2008, 03:12:35 PM

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Quote from: Matt on June 30, 2008, 07:40:40 PM
Quote from: reck on June 30, 2008, 06:53:59 PM
Matt here are the details. I couldn't see any version numbers for any of the files in the plugins folder so I just recorded their sizes. The two dll files were

On XP you can find this information if you right click on the file, select Properties from the menu and then go to the Version tab, and I would think there's something similar on Vista. Detailed file sizes in bytes are also available. Nevertheless, the file sizes appear to be correct.


It looks like this information is found under the details tab under vista. I've screen grabbed the details tab for each file for you to see, the plugin files don't seem to have version number information.

Oshyan, I will try turning off system restore when I get home from work.


Well guys i'm not having much look with this.

I've disabled system restore, UAC and my virus checker. I then uninstalled TG and then reinstalled it. I double click to run it and nothing happens.


I've tried to install preview 3, which was working before, and it now has the same problem as version 4, i.e. nothing happens when I double-click the Terragen2 icon. So the problem I have isn't to do with a change in the latest version, something has changed on my system to prevent terragen from working.

I suddenly feared then that my vista computer was not able to install anything. So i've downloaded a couple of applications and installed them and they appear to work fine. So whatever this issue is it appears isolated to Terragen.

Matt is there any chance you can provide me with a list of files that are installed with Terragen2? For instance any dll files that may be copied over to Windows(/system32), application data folder etc or any registry entries I should check for. Thanks.



As far as I know we do not install any dll files to system folders. But I'll try to get a definitive file list together for you.

Are you consistently installing to the same directory? Have you tried installing to a different hard drive, if you have one available?

- Oshyan


I've fixed it!!!!!!!

You'll never believe what it was.

The first problem I had, with the error messages at the start of the thread was caused because not all the files were removed when I uninstalled terragen preview 3 for some reason. It left some files in the virtualstore and a couple of other places.

Once I'd totally removed all the files and installed preview 4 the new problem I had was that the software just wouldn't run, no message or anything, this is what had me stumped......until now.

The problem was that I hadn't copied back over my licence key to the Terragen folder after removing everything when I had the first set of problems. I was reinstalling so many times I just thought to myself I won't keep copying over the licence key until I can get the software to open. I assumed, and this is where my problem lay, that if I tried to run Terragen without a key I would at least get some message saying that the software requires a valid key or something. If I had received some kind of feedback stating that the key was missing the problem would have been solved in 5 mins, so maybe this could get added for numpties like me :)

Just thought i'd share in case anyone else comes across this.


 ::) I had thought we put a message in about this. I'll have to check on it. I'm glad you got it resolved at any rate! :)

- Oshyan