Can a Light be Childed to an Object?

Started by PabloMack, November 24, 2014, 08:40:27 PM

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Asked the way most people say it "In TG can a light source be parented to an object?" where the object is the parent and the light source is the child. Then I would like to set the light with coordinates in the object's local coordinate system. This would help tremendously in placing a light source relative to the geometry of what is supposed to look like a light. As the preview does not pre-render object geometry in the preview, it is very cumbersome to try to get the light where it belongs with the object translated and rotated so that its local coordinate system does not correspond to the absolute coordinate system.


Pablo,Terragen doesn't have parenting for now unfortunately.


There is no grouping or parenting functionality for lights or objects at this time (aside from the basic node network grouping which can apply to any node but is purely for organizational and navigation purposes).

- Oshyan