Wish List for next incremental release

Started by The Geostation, January 11, 2007, 11:10:24 AM

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I think the interface could be cleaned up a bit and made a little more friendly,
Like the little toggle buttons on the preview window could grey out when you click on them...
It would be nice if we had a graphical interactive camera control like (ver 9.3 had)
I know it wouldn't be perfect because of overhangs but
If it could align it just the highest point on the map that would be a big help...
Also some sort of graphical icon or image in the settings area would help us get an idea
What kind of variable we are changing (like ver 9.3 had).  Also a dynamic sun angle/direction/altitude
Would be kool ... nothing fancy just a like the one we used to have but you could add a horizontal line for altitude.
And lastly it would be nice if we could 'paint' terrain again in the terrain editor.


Quote from: neon22 on January 19, 2007, 10:16:46 PMI'd like to see a region of interest control for the interactive window (preferably 2).  So I could just get the quick preview render happening in regions instead of the entire scene.

Trying to get up to speed on Fusion I read that Fusion has this feature. It would be nice if Terragen had this. It might consist of four cursors that are moved to crop the whole image down to just the area that is to be rendered. I would think this would be fairly easy to achieve.