MOLA Map Shader

Started by JDex, December 28, 2006, 03:40:38 PM

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I have been trying to use the MOLA Map Shader, but every time I get an error.

ReadMOLA: Unable to open image filemegt90n180gb.img (then it proceeds to list out the other images that are missing).

I have all of the img files, and their label files, but it doesn't prompt me where to look, and I can't seem to determine where to put them.  I tried moving them to all of the different subdirectories of the T2tp installation without success... does anyone have some guidance that they can share?



I just tried it - I got rid of all my MOLA files a while back but anyway

Ignore the errors, click the MOLA Map Shader and look at it's properties - you select which dataset you are going to be using then just above that is "Image Filename" I take it that's where you tell it where the files are