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Started by 20alex, July 30, 2008, 06:29:51 am

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I'm fairly new to TerraGen 2, just been trying out the free Technology Preview in the last few weeks, and these images are what I've come up with. I'd love some constructive criticism, it would really help! All the images have had minor post work applied (contrast, black levels). Here are my best images in order of creation.

Experimenting with clouds (not enough samples):

Created following the "Your First Scene" tutorial:

Trying out population using XFrog foliage. I hadn't realised that I could adjust the max altitude of the trees, so it's not terribly realistic.

Moving the camera above the clouds:

Experimenting with planets. Is there a way to make the atmosphere glow around the edge?

Sort of inspired by the marketing posters for Edinburgh's Our Dynamic Earth visitor attraction:

This one's kind of a remake of one of my older TG0.9 renders:

I quite like this one, even though the composition's slightly off. Just experimenting with the Twist and Shear shader:

And finally, this night time shot. This took 3 hours and 5 minutes, which is my longest render to date. Note the fir forest in the valley:

Thanks for taking the time to look at a noob's work! Any comments and criticisms would be appreciated!


Looks like a really steep learning curve!
The last one is great.
Seems as if you have found out about glowing atmosphere yourself between 5 and 6, would have said it is a question of expiration hight and lighting direction?
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no real crits from me...it seems you are getting to grips with TG2 pretty well...especially like the clouds and the moon shots!


Thanks a lot! And Mahnmut, the glowing atmosphere in 6 is actually a post effect :D.


nice work. I especially like your night atmo, what were the settings?


Lots of people are doing the moon thing but I can't seem to find the way to do it. care to elabourate on the method you used 20alex?
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My settings for the night atmosphere:


(Haze Horizon Colour: R=193 G=231 B=236)
(Bluesky Horizon Colour: R=179 G=225 B=233)

Height Control




EDIT: And the moon is the sun but slightly bigger and with an image of the moon overlayed afterwards.

EDIT: Speaking of which, the settings of the sun itself are really what sell the night effect:

(Sunlight Colour: R=218 G=226 B=255)


oooh my ! thank you for this very precise tip ^^


Thanks for sharing these settings.  Going in the manual...
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I really like the last one!!  :)


I've tried your settings, they seem to be close to what you had but many options like blue additive are intrinsicly linked to other options so I can't get it quite the same.
Has anyone managed to figure out a way of making a translucent surface shader? Applying a water shader with transparency doesn't work although I didn't expect it too :D
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