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Started by travmanx, January 21, 2007, 04:38:53 pm

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I just started Terragen 2 Tech Preview today and I have done a few tutorials, which all have came out great. Now I'm trying "Old Blaggard"'s "On the Road" tutorial.

My question is, it calls for Fractal Terrain 01. I figured out how to get Colour Adjust Shader (Right click). But I cannot find Fractal Terrain anywhere. I used the search button but couldn't find it.

I know that is a dumb question but I can't figure it out.

I like Terragen .9 better ::)

Where is it? lol


Assuming you're working in the node view:
rightclick->create shader->surface shader->power fractal v3


Yea the interface take a little while to get use to but once you get it it allows for a lot more verstility.


The world is round... so you have to use spherical projection.


Go to the Terrain layout, press the Add Terrain button on the left at the top of the Node List, choose Power Fractal. Viola!

- Oshyan


The PDF file that explains how to begin in TG2 was very well written and easy to follow.  I learned so much from that when I first started.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?