Hanging Valley

Started by Mohawk20, November 07, 2008, 03:52:08 pm

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When the next render finally finishes, you will se I did not only extend the poles down to twice the length (so having a firm base in the ground), but I also added some steps up to the actual bridge, made of logs nailed to the poles (only without visible nails  ;)).


January 16, 2009, 05:01:41 pm #31 Last Edit: January 16, 2009, 05:23:23 pm by Mohawk20
And here it is! (Well, below that is...)

I added a rope loop around the support posts, and steps up to the bridge.
I had to render this quite a few times with crop-renders, because of 'ray trace' errors (just full memory, after the program crashed the next version rendered in one go).

The next version will have more surface detail through a big decrease of the smallest scale settings of the rock and grass displacements.
Stay tuned!


Hey, probably not what you thought you might hear, but what I like best about the image is the overcast sky. Few people dare to do this, although in many cases it truly adds to realism - when compared to photography. I like that, and it brings out the lighting of the other part of the image pretty well. i think the terrain needs attention, though. The bridge is nice, of course :-)



Currently, the normal sky is just cloudy (like in the earlier renders above). This overcast impression is caused by a post-pro exposure increase for better view of the bridge.

That doesn't mean it isn't intended in the upload here of course. ;)
I have used overcast skies in my Ireland project, and I think I will change to it in next versions of this scene as well.
I have always intended to experiment more with overcast skies, because I live in Holland, and we have a lot of clouds casting over so to speak.

I'm currently rendering a 1024x786 version of the last upload with improved terrain detail.
That will showoff the bridge better.

Then I intend to create a path through to forest that ends in a clearing.
I want to place a hut in that clearing, but I'm not sure I'm going to make it myself, or try to find something on the internet...


And below it is, 1024x768 with better terrain displacements.
The tree pop is at highest quality, but I don't see much difference...

This will be the last bridge render, as you might be getting a bit bored with it.
But another reason is that I just finished a Log Cabin model  :o ;D

I will try to upload the bridge model to Terragen.org/Ashundar if you like.


And here's a render of the cabin.

I quite like it myself. Has a door I can easily rotate open or closed (and then export from Max again), and same goes for the window.
Apart from a fireplace it's empty on the inside though, as it's more for far away shots.
Added a powerfractal to the image maps to get much needed variation in the textures.

Once the downloads section at Terragen.org/Ashundar is open for uploads again I'll share the model there.

Coments and Crits are always welcome (could give me inspiration for model improvements).


Looking very good so far!
I'd reduce the reflectivity on the bridge a little and give it some more spread to make it softer.

I love the surfacing in the foreground and the models look really good.


The house needs to look like it's more in the earth.  These both have some good elements, some of which are foliage.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Quote from: calico on January 20, 2009, 07:22:31 am
The house needs to look like it's more in the earth.

I agree, but how should I do that?


Maybe he means you just have to sink it a bit.

Otherwise, you could also use the painted shader or a custom mask to mask the circumference of the house and add some rough displacements or rocks to make it look more like the house is more in the earth.

Just some ideas.


I used a heightfield shader to get the ground level (the flatten surface option).
Maybe I could roughen that up a bit...


Found another way...
Grass pop and a painted shader  ;D

And for Frank: an original overcast sky!


Just for fun, a look inside the cabin...

The indoor lighting realism still amazes me in TG. Good Job Guys!


Hi Mohawk: that cabin is in bad need of a shake roof for a better level of realism, and the logs should show some wear and tear. If you create a texture for the shakes it would help to include some mossy covering of the cedar grain and maybe a bump map to make the moss stand higher than the shakes. beautiful image and bridge.


I should have gone for shingles (shakes), I know. But the roof actually consists of adjacent boards of wood, but because the texture just continues across them it's not really visible.
I made a path a while ago. Posted the new render at Ashundar, forgot to post it here, so see below.

This project is going in hold for a while, because I'm finally rendering a High Quality (1440x1080) anim of my Genesis project (http://www.terragen.org/index.php?topic=4533.0).