Estruary at Twilight

Started by Inscrutable, December 15, 2008, 03:57:14 pm

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Hi all,

Haven't posted anything in a while as I've been lacking inspiration, and (to a greater degree) talent. This is a very simple render I've done that I'm halfway happy with.  I was trying for mood rather than anything particularly exciting or experimental.  I know that I shouldn't really post the second picture as it's massively post-worked, but I was messing around with GIMP and the warp filter produced this fantastic painted effect that I like a lot (you just have to ignore the edges of the image, where the warping has had some unusual effects).

Anyway, thanks for any comments you might have, but to be honest I'm unlikely to be able to re-render as it took 14hr+ and I only have the use of a laptop that I share with my wife!



And here's the other pic that I mentioned above.



This looks really nice.  I have a similar image in the works  ;)
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I think you have definitely succeeded in capturing a mood - subdued, almost brooding. Have to say I prefer the unprocessed image, although I can see what you mean about the painterly effect, particularly in the distance. How did you do the vegetation in the water?


I agree.  This is artistic.  Good.
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Really like th first one. Great lighting and mood. Nice composition too. I see what you mean about the second one, it does give a very nice efect  :)

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Kevin F

Very nice image this, good lighting and overall mood. The painted effect is really good.



I like both images (whereas I like the grass in the foreground better in the 2nd pic). Simple and effective, great mood. :)
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