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Started by tuggles, December 21, 2006, 11:34:49 AM

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to stop in and share how excited I am about the FINALLY released TG2TP. Ive been waiting forever for it to come out and now..FINALLY...it has. So without furthur ado I want to share a piece of work I did with you all.

Im kinda proud of this one. :)


Can you send the .tgp file? If not, I'm wondering how you created the snow, and what quality settings have you used. :)


Very nice.  It looks genuinely photographic.  Is that a moon I see in the distance?
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Hi calico,
That is beautiful!   Looks like a very faint moon in the distance.

How do you post a picture here on the forum?
I am doing my first render on my other Mac, I can hear its fans. 
The instructions are a godsend! 


I am really liking the atmosphere on this one. The clouds are very nice. I like the look and feel of them. They give off great depth. keep em coming.


I really love the faint moon in the distance. Wonderful subtlety. :)

To post an image click on Additional Options below the text entry box when posting and then use the Attach function. You may create multiple attachments but each one can be no larger than 2MB and the total may be no larger than 10MB.

- Oshyan


Very nice, the moon is a nice touch

Here's my latest effort - still trying to get the hang of populations and shaders  ???



Thanks for the complements! This was actually an extremely simple scene lol. I just used a power fractal node for the mountain. Changed the base colors to brown and dark grey towns. Added white surface layer and adjusted the maximum slop. Thats it for the colors. The clouds I added some low-level clouds with a density set to 10 and sime high level with high coverage. Then rotated the sun to be to the left and put it low enough to create that effect. Oh...and yes...that is a very subtle moon you see in the distance :)

Here is a not so good render. This one I took from space just to show the moon. Same planet the only thing changed is the hieght of the sun and the hieght of the camera.


My very first!  This TG2 seems to be easier for a beginner like me to make an image that looks sort of OK.
Thanks for the great tutorials here!


I share that excitement! Here's my first experiment... :D


Beautiful!   This afternoon I will have a try at water and a better sky.
Isn't this the most fun!

The Geostation

Hi tuggles,

Nice picture.   The best bit for me is the covering of the snow, which has been done very nicely.

Andrew Randle
The Geostation
Andrew Randle
The Geostation


very nice... I too would like the tga file just to see what colours you used for the rock...
or you could just post how you did it, eg how many shaders etc


BTW the shared files forum here is going to get a lot of use ;D ;D ;D
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Nice renders everyone, guess I'll share the love too.  My first:

and my last too:

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Nice pics, but what about rendertime?