Node Editor Crash (With Steps)

Started by atom, December 27, 2008, 12:50:38 AM

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I was just messing about with the node editor and found a crash, seems to always happen so i have included steps -

1 - Load terragen 2 beta, go to terrain group in the node editor

2 - Right click - Create Shader > Colour Shader > Distribution shader V4

3 - Delete the distibution module and keep only Fractal breakup

4 - Link Heightfield Shader to Fractal breakup input node

5 - Link Fractal breakup out to Heightfield Shader - Blending Shader Input

6 - Crash

Could be due to a feedback issue maybe but if thats the case and you shouldn't be able to do that it should probably just deny the link connection to avoid this, hope this helps, thanks :)


We're aware of feedback-related crashes and it's something we still need to address. For now you should just avoid such connections.

- Oshyan