Super Quick Image - Tropical Island

Started by moodflow, February 11, 2009, 10:30:45 pm

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I whipped this up really quickly...I'd say about 45 mins at most.   Quality 0.5.  Some minor postwork.

The breaking waves are an image I created in Photoshop and then projected onto the scene by merging an image map shader with the water surface shader.

It was just for fun as I've been super busy getting things ready to move into a new house.  Since it came out better than I thought for such a small amount of work, I figured I would post it.
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Those waves are really nice!
You could tweak the trees a bit, but other than that it's pretty much done.


Very nice render. I love the sub-surface work, and the island itself is spot on. The only things I would change would be to lower the brightness of the "outer" sand a little as it glares a little, and maybe smooth the outlines of the clouds just a tad. This one is really great.

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Congratulations on your new house.  I think I can see it there in the mid-section of the treeline.   ;D
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Wow, this is fairly convincing and a dang nice effort for less than 45 minutes. I can't even come close to realism in ten times the time. Like the comment above, the only thing that seems a little out of place to me was the sand... brightness and/or contrast of any texture seems a little too far towards the top end.


Yea I intentionally "blew out" the colors on the sand to get that dark/bright contrast you sometimes see on tropical images.  I also thought it was a bit bright myself though...
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