City-Scapes - again (Clip-File attached)

Started by Volker Harun, February 08, 2009, 02:10:24 pm

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Quote from: Volker Harun on February 14, 2009, 11:12:02 am
Okay here is another Sine and Cosine function procedural ...

Next to come is a combination of the last ones with some more interesting distributions. ... Though still have some other variations in mind ...

Wow a replicator planet!

Volker Harun

I keep on going ... the problem is that pure cubic shapes ignore a breakup along the Y-axis.

So while I went dimming into sleep last night I changed my mind to go back to the more organic looking shapes ....


The last one is looking good. I kind of gave up on this angle due to horrendous render times are problematic vertical faces. My computers aren't that fast.

The first render is very cool because I think striated textures like this could actually be very useful for rocks. Some rocks have patterns like this. Just mess it up a little so it's not so regimented.

Volker Harun

It has been some while ... and I come up with a newer, faster node-setup ... which is very much influenced by mogn's work over here: LINK
His node setup is the clue to provide some very interesting distribution-settings ...

The attached image is a view of some quick setups ... after building the (attached) clip, it took about 30 minutes to make the scene and a bit less than 2 hours to render.

More to come (whenever) ,-) ...





That's very clever, Volker. I really like the last one and the 'city after total destruction'. If you can also add some asphalt, it's very convincing!

Zairyn Arsyn

this is really cool VH.

thanks a lot for sharing the nodes. :)

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j meyer

Hi Volker,
had a quick look at your file,thought i might learn something and indeed
i learned that i still don't know how to read these invisibly connected
nodes/groups.Is there a way to find out which internal group is connected
to which other group? Or in which order?
Please,Grandmaster of the Internal Network,Initiate of the Invisible Connection
enlighten me. ;D

Volker Harun

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@all ... thanks for the encouragement
@Dune ... I would love to have a good idea for convincing procedural asphalt ,-)
@j meyer ... well, I learned a lot by the functions you supplied. So the applied TGD is for your eyes only ,-)

(attached a very simple scene with a distribution example. Other than the above clip: There are no internal networks and I killed the Y-axis part, as it rather complicates the distribution)


Thanks for sharing this, Volker. It may come in handy whenever I have to make a city overpowering an ancient Roman farm site  8)

As for the asphalt; I wouldn't know how to get the 'road plan' in procedurally, but color wise, I simply use a distance shader as base color gradient blended by a mask, to simulate reflection. Or use a real about half reflecting shader over some dark colors.  But Greg Sandor is the asphalt man here!

Volker Harun

An evolved stage ...

Thanks for viewing ...