Something different -- Xfrog Modification.

Started by rmfrase, January 17, 2007, 12:53:42 am

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Here is another tweak with some additional masking to help the leaves look a little more realistic at closer range. The render quality was only at 0.8 to keep the render time down.


For this test I had completely replaced the leaf texture with TG surfaces, but you could also reduce the coverage of the surfaces to "tint" the leaf texture image. I had also exprimented with a masked reflection layer, but this crashed when rendering at high quality on my laptop. I was considering retrying it on another computer but at the moment it seems an excessive tweak (greatly increases render time) and probably isn't necessary unless you want to get very close to the leaves.

Attahced the TGD and a zip of the extra mask images I made (extract to the same directory as the tgo)


Quote from: RArcher on January 22, 2007, 12:56:02 pm
I did a very similar experiment, using 3 populations of the modified birch xfrog tree.  There is an orange, yellow and red variation here:

I agree with the comments on Ashundar about your sky.  That is brilliant.  I wonder if you would share your sky settings?

This has been very helpful learning about the coloration of trees.  I wonder if anyone could tackle the realistic coloration of aspens in the mountains.  They grow in clusters and change at roughly the same time, so you have patches of yellow dotting an otherwise evergreen mountainside.  I'm still too novice to understand this process of using the right shaders in TG2, but I'd like to learn.