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Started by bobbystahr, April 13, 2007, 02:34:19 pm

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Vue6I PLE is now available if you're a registered customer, ie: if you've even dl'ed a demo you have a profile there. I don't know how ethical this is but have found you can export .3ds and tex/bump/transparenct maps which will convert to usable .obj's for TG2 TP etc. with Pose Ray. Have tried the Baobab tree so far and I can get the textures to apply to a .tgo using a Default shader but haven't figured out how the transparency maps yet, it didn't seem to in my first attempt. There's a lotta trees and plants there if I can figure out the translation, and it's not totally un-ethical...LOL
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Yeah, I saw that.  I wonder if this is a reaction to TG2's free Technology Preview.
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just downloaded it and had a look. The transparency maps don't export; not insurmountable, it would be simple enough to make your own from the colour map.
I do think this is probably an indication that eon don't wish people to export from the free version.

More telling is the fact that all the textures are watermarked with the eon logo and the word eon through them

Given all that, it seems pretty clear that the makers and vendors of this software do not intend it to be used in the way you describe. Granted they have not expressly forbidden it (unless of course you use the results commercially, in which case you would be in violation of the agreement), but I think that "not totally unethical" is pushing it. Vue is an amazing piece of work that must have cost a fortune to develop. I wish I could afford it, but I can't, but I don't think that's an excuse for cheating on the developers

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