Started by helentr, January 21, 2007, 03:29:41 pm

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Damn! Great Idea Helen! Hmmm? Wondering if one could add a little wet look to them. Yeah, I know...I'm pushing it right?  :P

Thanks again for your generosity to the Community! You are the Best!


Gday Helentr

Well done - Thanks - I keep waiting for a long legged water bird to land on one of leaves



Buzz - I don't know if anyone has tried this yet, but you could put a reflective shader in between the image map shaders and the multishaders in the object's internal network.  With some tweaking, it will probably look pretty good. - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.

Dark Fire

Those water plants look really good! Thanks for the TGO file!


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I have updated the fan palm. I think it looks much better now.



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Quote from: helentr on January 24, 2007, 06:06:53 pm

Until then, free Arbaro is a decent alternative - the only drawback is that the OBJ export has broken textures and you need to reapply them in another application.

PoseRay fixes them very nicely, one for each branch level and the leaves. Can't remember off the top of my head whether it was necessary to convert materials to groups, but this is just a button click if it is.

The other great thing about Arbaro is that you can generate multiple versions of a tree model by just changing the seed value before creating.  Changing the trunk curvature also works well for quick variation, especially for palms.