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Started by gradient, January 21, 2007, 04:31:47 pm

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Is there any way to delete (in whole or selectively) the TG2 temp files through the TG2 interface?
Or, can any criteria be set for temp file length till purge?

Just had a peek at mine...there's over a gig of garbage sitting there just from playing around a bit....
Yes, I know I can go in and purge manually....but I bet there are many folks that don't even know that TG2 is saving all this stuff to their drives....


I noticed that and unchecked that option in the full render settings so it doesn't save files there anymore. Don't know if I was suppose to do that but what the hay! I'm guessing that if you do a disk cleanup you can include those temp files.


Currently there is no such option but we'll certainly add one. Using the Windows "Disk Cleanup Wizard" would probably be the easiest thing for now, for Windows users anyway.

- Oshyan


Thanks Jay and JavaJones for your replies....
I will look at unchecking that option in the render settings.



This may be a silly question but is there any way of using temp files that are made for renders that are not completed, say the PC was turned off because of storms in the area, to be then completed without doing the complete render again or can this be added intoTG2 at a later date?

You are right there is a lot space taken up with these temp files



There's a thread that discusses the render resume request here: The short answer is no, that's currently not possible, but may be in the future.

- Oshyan


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@Jay...just noticed the save extra files is checked by default when you restart, you will have to remember to uncheck upon each restart.
Also, even by unchecking that one, it still dumps some stuff in the temp file.
On this note, perhaps a more valuable item to have saving to the temp file is the tgd rather than the bmp....


 Ever since I unchecked that option it has stayed unchecked in the saved file I'm working on. However if you start a new project you are right it is checked by default. Something else to remember.  ;)  Good idea about saving the .tgd file, I'll have to give that a try.

Volker Harun

as long as I know, that heaps of garbage gets saved in the temp, I feel free to keep it and delete whatever I like.

Nice about the temp-files are the masks, that are generated automatical. It is - for me - a good way for partial renders.
And it made the making of a tutorial very easy ,-)

One thing that I dislike is that terragen is forced to pause work as soon I start 'Explore temporary files' from the menu.



I didn't know about this, so I went to File, Reveal Temp Files, and got a big folder of many files. (Its in the User Library on a Mac)

So this is what I should get rid of once in a while?  I notice that there are 2 items in each little folder, but they are both .bmp and no .tgd.  I wonder why?


Just another note to folks about this....It's becoming a real pain....TG2 saves all your renders...quick ,full and even partials to a hidden temp file.  There is currently no way of disabling it within TG2.
Soon you will have gigs of garbage sitting there unknown to you.....esp for you guys doing larger size renders....

To view it...From the TG2 interface....go to "file" then "Explore Temporary files" can then view or delete the ones you don't want.
You likely won't be able to easily navigate to this folder directly from Windows as I think Windows has this area hidden by default....but, you can get there and "unhide" it if you wish.

Alternatively you can do a disk clean-up in Windows...which will soon become a pain because you'll have to do it quite frequently if you play with TG2 lots....

Adam Chrystie

Until there is built in "clean up" functionality.. an easy work around is via scripting your own file eraser via windows/Darwin shell script..python,perl,php or any other scripting language and then making it a repeatable task...

Lots of software leave their data around..Maya especially.

Adam Chrystie
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Can someone tell me where the Temp file is? I try to explore the Temp files from withih TG2 but all I get is a brief flash of a DOS window.
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Volker Harun

The DOS-Window is supposed to open an Explorer-Window which contains shows the directories of TG2-Temp.

You might find them by hand here (be sure to have 'view hidden files' enabled - well I have a german WinXP, it might be called different)
\User\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Temp\Planetside Software\Terragen 2


Certainly that's not a typo Voulge, and the English version is different  ;D
C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\Local Settings\Temp\Planetside Software\Terragen 2
Assuming that you're windows install is on C drive, [User] then is your windows profile name.
you can also type this in the address bar of windows explorer