i would like to make a desert landscape to start similer to kings quest 7 but

Started by surfer, May 01, 2009, 12:46:33 am

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it will be less cartoony of course,I saw some of the desert samples in the posted shared images. ok in my terragen the first version all I can render is a mountain region? how do I make simple desert scenes? for now and tropical later.


-eric (web designer)


When you say "first version", do you mean 0.9? Or the free version of 2.0?


In Terragen 2 on the heightfield generate you can just tone down the Roughness and it will make a more wavy hilly terrain for dunes or whatever you need.  Anything is possible with the terrain, just need to either make the functions work the way you want, or use imported terrain data.


i'm using terran 2 now the free version and I find computer graphics to be incredible confusing. I find I even have trouble with a tutorial. I remember  using the old paint programs back in the mid 90's and now adays theres so many functions and effects and angles its almost impposible to learn.


Well terragen is very simple compared to many 3d programs, but as with anything theres going to be a learning curve before you can get results you truly want. 

Heres a very basic file that makes this image of some sand dunes.  All i did was create a sand color, and change the generated terrain's steepness and roughness.