Crazy clouds, dodgy water

Started by duff, January 11, 2007, 03:44:00 pm

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Attached is a render I have done with some crazy clouds which I though was interesting. I want to try to change the strange turquise cloud parts in the middle of the image on the right which I think might be a because they are too low which is also causing the land to be a bit hazy at the point it meets the water.

This is actually cropped from a larger scene I aborted rendering because I didn't like the water, but I can't decide what it is I don't like about the water, is it too rough, too smooth or too uniform? Can anyone give me some pointers?

By the way the white bits are supposed to sheep grazing! Although some seem to have strange reflective/overly bright properties even in shadow.

This was posted in the support area where I was getting strange effects at high detail levels, so thanks Oshyan for helping me get rid of the offending layer.


I'd say the water just seems kind of too noisy. It's hard to tell what scale is being depicted here though - that may be accurate. Perhaps higher detail/AA settings would help with it too. But you might try just turning down wave roughness a bit...

- Oshyan

Rob Allen

Thats an interesting pic...  I'd call it "God's shaving cream"...