Where can I find the new plants?

Started by AndyWelder, April 02, 2009, 03:05:55 am

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Is it possible that someone shares some trees using Arbaro software that I think is freeware ???
Or it can do the same thing (sharing his trees ) using XFrog standalone that he bought ???
Actually I m using Arbaro which is so difficult (I think) it took me 6 hours for a simple tree
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What's the policy on those autodesk ones? Can we render them in 3ds Max and then postwork them into TG2? ;D copy paste a million trees, piece of cake.
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Some things I could do with $400 -

  • Buy Project Messiah 4.0 Basic or make a generous investment toward the professional version

  • Buy an Upgrade to Modo

  • Make a hefty investment toward owning zBrush

  • Buy 2 copies of Silo (professional version) and give one to a friend (with $80 left over)

All of these are professional tools with commercial licenses.
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I could build another TG2 rendering machine.
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Quote from: chromecity on April 24, 2009, 12:50:04 am
Up until now, I never had anything but positive respect for Stewart in the 10 years that I've dealt with Greenworks.  However, this entire tease-and-announce (stealing PS's thunder on their own turf) and then promise-and-reneg only to finally offer an all-or-nothing package has left me with a very sour taste for Greenworks right now.  The whole debacle was terribly mishandled time and again and I'd be very hard pressed to recommend Xfrog to anyone who's been dragged through this ordeal.  :(

Thank you for coming forward. Hey folks, for Person who has dealt with Xfrog for 10 years to say something like this, for me carries much weight and confirms my feelings.
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Quote from: Walli on April 24, 2009, 03:28:04 am


I think this Xfrog deal is a good thing. Yes, its out of the reach of many hobby users - but did anyone from Planetside or Xfrog ever mention that this is the only thing that is ever going to happen?


No, but understand this.  Before this release, Xfrog had mentioned numerous times that they're working on getting us plants we could afford.  After this release?  Not so much so.

I'm sure if Stewert would have taken the numerous chances he had (IE, posts in this very thread) to mention this bundle is a quick release and they're working toward less 'bulky' TGO bundles, we'd be a bit calmer. 

It's rather sad that Terragen 2 finally sees it's big day (for un,preregged users anyways) and gets it site revamped.. and this bad news just puts a dark cloud in the sky regardless.


Ahhh.  Not so much...TG2 is awesome and there are loads of free objects to include.  Look at RArcher's stuff - he is making such beautiful stuff with so little.  So...let's not let this cloud our fun. 

I agree this could have been handled better, but who are we to judge Stewart?  Let's let this go and move on and and enjoy what we have.  Thank God nobody is holding a gun to our heads to pay money for something we really don't need.

Quote from: Zylot on April 24, 2009, 10:46:44 am
... and this bad news just puts a dark cloud in the sky regardless.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Amen to Calico's input. Perhaps we should lock this thread?


Quote from: domdib on April 24, 2009, 10:58:51 am
Amen to Calico's input. Perhaps we should lock this thread?

sounds about right.


yes, i can no longer hear 'xfrog' - an own online-shop with plants and more at planetside and no more discussion about this is needed.