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Started by urban_rebellion, January 24, 2007, 04:08:43 am

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sorry for the unclear title im not on my comp at home which has tg2 on it...when using the heightfield options (you know, that drop down list that has stuff like erosion, export etc) i find the one that generates a heightfield from a shader (not sure exactly what its called) doesnt do that. it goes through the whole generating process, just like normal heightfield generation, but results in flat terrain. since id like to make some height fields from the alpine fractal shader, this would be a great option. Am i doing somthing wrong? is there a tutorial for this?  ??? sorry to sound like a chicken with its head off...im pretty tired lol. thankx to all in advance for any replies i LOVE this forum-ppl are great here...



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Without looking at your scene, I can only guess at what you may need to know. Are you putting a Heightfield Generator node into the correct input in the Heightfield Shader node? Are you using a Compute Terrain? Are your Heightfield parameters configured to show terrain that is not flat?

You can't use a fractally generated shader plugged into the Heightfield Shader node the same way as a Heightfield Generator.

You will most probably have to post your tgd file to get a better diagnosis.


Yes, the .tgd would be helpful, but if you don't want to you could always copy and past the default heightfield configuration that you get from the start-up scene.


The world is round... so you have to use spherical projection.


The to go for generating a heightfield from any shader is this:

1. Make a "heightfield from shader" node
2. Plug the Shader you want to make the heightfield from into the "shader" port of the "heightfield from shader" node
3. Make a "heightfield resize" node, connect it to the "Input" of your "heightfield from shader" node and open it up
4. check "re-sample pixels" and specify how many samples you would like to TG2 to take. With "re-size in metres" you specify the dimensions of the to-be-generated terrain.
5. Now hit the "generate" button and wait until it finishes
6. right-click the "heightfield from shader" node and choose "save file" from the context menu. Choose a path and a filename, and ADD .TER (don't forget.that bit).

Now you have a fresh heightfield made from you current scene. Note, that as we're speaking heightfield, the generated terrain cannot contain ANY overhanging parts.



sorry every1 for being unclear...frankB that was exactly what i was looking for...the heightfield resize thing was what was confusing me. i was attaching the output of the "generate from shader" node to the input (or whatever the relevant port is) of the heightfield shader. anyway will give that a go... ;)