Neuspadrin's Grass Pack

Started by neuspadrin, March 15, 2009, 02:41:07 pm

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I've always wanted to be able to go "all thats mine" for Terragen renders, and to learn how to make some tree, grass, bush, etc models.  Especially since the whole lightning thing where models sort of have disappeared here in file sharing, leaving a lack of free, legally made, good models available to use in Terragen.

So I have started learning a bit with Arbaro to create stuff, and here is one of my first objects of hopefully many and higher quality.  I decided first thing I would do is try something nice small simple, grass.  My next goal is a little bush or something, and then to trees.  I'm not that great right now, but perhaps once I get the hang of some of it, maybe look into some other program choices besides Arbaro (currently using it as its free, and easy to learn), I can start making some decent model, and reach my goal of saying "I made all that" in a nice vegetation filled scene.

This is a simple grass pack with 3 different varieties of grass: normal, dead, and downtrodden. They were made with Arbaro modeling program, then textured in Terragen 2 and turned into a .tgo for easy importing into Terragen 2.  Readme is available in the download.


looks great thanks - needed something like beaten down grass



Looks nice  :)

Thank you for sharing !



Chef C  ;)

Serving the masses  8)


So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Smoke me a kipper I'll be back for breakfast.




thank you! one can never ever have enough grasses ;D