Started by Matt, April 12, 2009, 04:08:53 am

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***, i can't download this one as i am faaaar from home for 2 weeks !
first patch ? Champagne ! ;)

Nah, you just have a memory issue. Try decreasing the subdiv cache. The bug that is fixed showed holes in displacements, making it possible to look through mountains.

OK, that's good then I guess, Mohawk. So, I need Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit and TG2 64 bit now Please!! ;)

T-U, That made no sense to me.


Took some time to figure out it was actually you who said it made no sense what I said :)

I meant that installing newer versions of TG2 never destroys or deletes any of your work.
You can uninstall and install it as many times you like without having risk of losing stuff.



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Glad to see that saving in the root folder has been fixed, but I'm still experiencing crashes while saving project file after loading some .obj files. Is that being worked on or it requires more research to be made on that matter?

I think that I've just "fixed" it. It looks like you can't have any weird signs in a folder or file name, for example "&" because it crashes Terragen while trying to save the project.