Free version not available?

Started by Furaha, April 25, 2009, 06:15:26 am

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Hi all,

I am very interested in Terragen as a present user of XFrog and Vue (have a look here: and select the plant page using the Tree icon (if you think it looks like one of XFrog's icons, that is not a coincidence).

But on trying to download the free demo version I get a 'not available' option. I found no message regarding that in this forum. Will it be back?   


Same here... my Terragen 2 Free Edition detected un updated version and it redirected to but the page does not exists.
I manually headed to to download the entire TG2 Free package but the link ( does not exist neither... ???



If you go to:

you will now be able to download the Free edition. Sorry for the inconvenience.




maybe set a redirect for the old free tg2 upgrade checker so it properly sends to the new location?


Got it! Thanks for the quick solution.


Now it works nicely... thanks Jo! ;)