object displacement scaling

Started by Klas, November 13, 2008, 09:24:04 am

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many objects are using displacements for details, but if I scale the objects I had to go through the shaders and  had to rescale the displacements too. It would be nice if I can fix the displacements, so that they are scaled every time I scale the object.
And: why aren't appear displacements in mirrors? See the picture below:

The displacements on the leaves are not shown in the mirror.


The displacement issue with objects is a big problem for me as well. I spent a long time getting some nice displacement on a light house object I created which I then saved as a tg object into my object library to use in future scenes.  The problem is that every time I load the object into a scene I have to go through the whole procedure again to the set the displacement for the object because as I resize the object to fit in the scene the displacement becomes the wrong scale. The only time I wouldn't have to do this would be if the object just happened to be the right size for the scene which never happens.

I would like to request a "scale displacement with parent object" button for objects so that the displacement scales with the object. This way you can drop the object into any scene, scale to size and not worry about the displacement being wrong.

Sorry can't help about the mirror problem.


Not a solution but as I always work at real world scale I only have to fix the displacements once the first time I use an object.  What would be nice would be the ability to permanently apply scaling to an object at the save stage so that I could just scale thos huge flowers or timy trees to the correct scale , fix the shaders and save out the tgo ready for use next time.
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