Can't Save Project on MAC OS X Leopard

Started by I3D, April 28, 2009, 05:48:03 am

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Hi Guys

I'm having a strange problem, one that i didn't have before prior to v2.0. I have two HDD on my mac PowerPC G5, one one where the OSX resides and the other is a just for Projects, now every time i try to save something on the Projects HDD i get a message telling me that the Project haven't been damaged and nothing is lost, but no changes have been saved. and in fact the scene files gets saved but when you open it it's corrupt and it has missing camera nodes so nothing opens. Now if i save on the main OSX HDD it saves with out any problem. I Repaired permissions on the main HDD but on the second one there isn't any option for that. so i did it manually by allowing my self full read and write, which was there already, on the whole volume and on the specific folder, it didn't work, then i told it to Ignore ownership on this volume and folders, and it still didn't work. Any idea why is this happening? Thanks in advance






I can confirm this is a bug in TG2 Mac. The file which gets created is empty, which is why it doesn't load properly. In the meantime the workaround would be to save your projects on the HD which is working ok for you.