Green Hill WIP [update 2009-12-11]

Started by Walli, May 12, 2009, 03:49:11 am

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yes, I think when I apply the "paint", it won´t be that shiny anymore.

Henry Blewer

Using Blender, I use material nodes to get around the problem. One node has all the wear textures, the other has the specular textures. You may be able to do the same.
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The scene looks really good, and I have no idea, how you're going to put a knight into it.

It'll be interesting to see how you pull this off.


after a really long pause, I finally was able to add some more flowers to the scene (the purple ones). Now I have to fine tune the path and finally add in the last missing objects.


oh wow these purple flowers are amazing in adding realism and beauty to the scene!!




How about you have the knight on one side and a Stormtrooper on the other side pointing a blaster at the knight? :D
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if, then they will drink a nice cup of coffee together on a blanket and talk about the good old days of the knights - let it be jedi or "regular".


Henry Blewer

You really know how to show off your plants. Very good render.
Forget Tuesday; It's just Monday spelled with a T


wowsers!....lush vegetation....awesome realism!


Alright, it's about time we saw this actually get finished. How about it Walli? ;D

- Oshyan


please give me 4 extra hours per day ;-)

Need to finish the armor (mainly UV ing) and then I need to finish a small "building". Actually I hoped to do that during the xmas holidays, but the plans have changed ;-)



well, texturing of the armor is in process and I hope it will make its way into the scene soon - then we are close to final ;-)