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Started by arisdemos, May 08, 2009, 12:27:38 pm

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I am currently creating giant saguaro cactus models in Xfrog, and have come to the task of getting the needles to run vertically up the convoluted ridged suface of the trunk and branches  of the cacti. I have the needle groups patterned on the surface of the plant, but using the "wreath" distributor produces only a general pattern of needles that does not conform/follow the tops of the vertical ridges created initially in the saguaros "profile" surface settings.

The proto type of needle pattern/array I used for reference was one distributed by the xfrog "phi ball" and did a spiraled pattern of needle groups of three lined/wound uniformly around the length of a cylindrical trunk and branch structure. I modified this phi ball set up to use the "wreath" and am almost getting the same pattern I have observed in xfrog's original, but not quit!. Perhaps someone in this forum crowd has some Xfrog experience/input with theis prickly set of problems that will put me back on track, .....help!..


You could also try the Yahoo Xfrog Group.  Which is here-------> http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Xfrog/ Might get a faster response.
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its not easy to achieve. By the way, I made the "cacti" library for Greenworks - and I would suggest not use Xfrog for that ;-)
Xfrog can do some amazing stuff. But for some tasks it would be way easier to use regular modeling packages. With almost all of them you can distribute needles ona asurface and that would be the way I would go normally.


Thanks for the info Walli, and I will look into maybe finding an alternate software to place the needles. by the way would it be alright to use the object cacti created in Xfrog to continue on with this  Saguaro project or would it be better to start completely from scratch. The base models in Xfrog do look really good so far.


as long as you donĀ“t give away the modified models, its of course okay. You could use the "base" and then put needles on it, or modify the base and put needles on it. But the shape of a saguaro really can be done more easily in almost every "regular" modeling package.