Plants and the fake rock shader

Started by pclavett, May 17, 2009, 02:44:59 pm

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This may be a stupid question but coming from a newcomer to TG2 most question are supposedly acceptable ! How do we prevent trees from showing up on the rocks of the Fake Rock Shader ? Can anybody point me to a thread for this or am I the first to ask the question ? The search does not seem to find anything relevant but it all depends on how the words are written I guess. Multiple attempts using different terms has not provided me with relevant threads. Can someone point me the right way and...much appreciated ! Paul


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Hi Paul,

there are a few ways of achieving that. None of them is extremely intuitive, though.
You could use the fake stone shader as the blend shader for a distirbution shader. Select invert blendshader inside the distribution shader dialog, then add a color adjust shader below the distribution shader. Increase the black point in the color adjust shader (e.g. to 0.5). Then use the color adjust shader as your new distribution shader in the population.