Terragen 3 - Render Elements tutorial

Started by digitalguru, July 28, 2013, 12:06:01 PM

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Haven't gone through these new tuts yet. But THANK YOU! Im looking forward to getting into all of this!
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Thank you for doing this tutorial; good info. And Nuke is some cool editing software; a little expensive, but I can see why.  Just wondering if checking all the elements doubled your rendering time? Are there certain elements that add more time than others?


Rendering with elements may add a little extra time, but not enough for me to figure out the difference - certainly not double the render time though :-)

Mind you, it was a simple scene for the tutorial - rendering a bigger scene now, so may see something then...

Of course there is the extra render of rendering the plane in this example - since you can split the scene into layers it would be great if you could output the imported 3d object in the the same render pass to a separate set of render elements, which would speed things up enormously (Matt - any chance of this in the future? :-)

In any event for an imported object that moves indepently of the scene, I'd want to render it out in a 3d prog, as Terragen doesn't do motion blur for animated objects yet.

Nuke is expensive, but other comp programs could handle the basic comp just as well, Blender or After Effects, though the relight tool is a little specialised.


QuoteOf course there is the extra render of rendering the plane in this example
What do you mean the extra render?
Also, is there any chance you could post a higher resolution screen grab in Nuke of all the element images? It's helpful to see what each one is capturing. Thanks.
Edit:  On exporting exr's through the sequencer, do I need to change the gamma correction to 1.0 in the effects tab, or does the exr exclude that setting?


the "extra" render was refering to the Biplane object I used in the tutorial - "extra" was probably misleading :-)

I'll post a screengrab of the comp when I can tomorrow

Edit: You don't have to change any settings when outputting to exr - by default it's linear. The gamma correction does not apply.


hi dorianvan - here's a higher resolution screengrab of the comp in the tutorial


Thank you so much!  Now to save up to get Nuke!!   ;D
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Not sure why they were taken down but I think some or all of them are back up elsewhere:

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