Michael Jackson

Started by Seth, June 25, 2009, 06:28:50 pm

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Marcos Silveira

The first music I remember to have heard is "Don't stop till you get enough", that time I was four yo... Very happy childhood, I'll never forget this guy!!!


A sad end to yet another star who could not handle the stardom. I watched a bit of the specials on TV over the last couple of days and there certainly were some great numbers. The work with Paul McCartney for example and USA for Africa and a quite a bit more. I stopped caring when he started grabbing his crotch... :-\


I don't think I'll remember where I was when Michael Jackson died.
Hell, I don't remember where I was when Elvis Presley, John Lennon, and JFK died.
I won't even know where I'll be when I die.
But I do remember where I was when John Sergeant announced he was quitting Strictly Come Dancing.  ;)

I hope I realise I don't exist before I apparently die.

Henry Blewer

I remember where I was when the Challanger blew up. I remember where I was when Columbia broke apart returning to Earth. I don't think Mr. Jackson is worthy of this. He was a great entertainer, but there were too many unsavory pieces in his life. I felt sorry he had to endure so much bad publicity, but if any of it was true...
Forget Tuesday; It's just Monday spelled with a T


Micheal Jackson was a total genius in my opinion. Billie Jean is the greatest pop song ever made.


i grew up in chicago and am 3 years older than Jackson was - so he was a big part of my life in terms of being aware of who he was (similar environment, black loving music (although I loved jazz) he was the talk of the community. I admired him until he just started to get weird - all stars seem to have some issues - but his facial and skin tone changes seemed to me beyond the pale - and his sexual issues also turned me off. but the man had talent, just what a waste, and while i do have issues, I will still listen to his music sometimes in spite of it all, similar to my feeling about cat stevens (and his radical muslim comments) still like his music. it's strange that some of the people we admire for their talents, turn us off with their personality( ie mel gibson and his jewish issues) - enough back to this 8 hour render