Intel i7 920 "seen" as single processor core in XP64 system

Started by mhleo, July 08, 2009, 02:20:41 PM

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Ah, I didn't think of the minimum threads render node setting! That was dumb of me, much less hassle than propagating the preferences across the render farm. There are pros and cons though. With just setting the minimum threads in the render node you need to remember to do it for each project, whereas using the preferences method will make sure the desired amount of threads are used for every project without needing to change render node threading settings.




Hi Jo,

Back in the office after a busy Friday/weekend.  I'll try to implement the preferences solution -- as you said, I think that makes more sense in a RenderFarm environment.  We know how many cores each machine has!



Just to follow up with everyone, this worked out pretty well.  The preferences file lets us set the number of cores up on the farm, but leave it normal in the project file for local rendering.

In addition, to get any benefit out of the extra cores, we had to up the subdivision cache size substantially (I think the TD is currently running with around 2GB).   It's a bummer to have the total subdivision cache size set in the project file, I think it would be a lot more portable if that setting was the per-thread size.  But in any case, we're getting jobs through the farm a lot faster now!



Glad to hear it worked out! I'm surprised that increasing the subdivision cache had such a large effect though. In most cases I've found that it hardly changes the render times. It would be interesting if you could provide some specific numbers, or better yet a test version of your scene which shows the difference. It might help us in optimizing in the future.

- Oshyan