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Started by reck, July 25, 2009, 06:20:03 am

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November 12, 2009, 09:42:44 am #30 Last Edit: November 12, 2009, 09:50:30 am by Bluestorm
Thanks, latego. This wasn't meant to be sarcastic, I simply wouldn't have been surprised if there came a "I-could-have-told-you-so" answer and probably I even wouldn't have become angry at that statement. The thing is that all in all I was very content with Vue 7 which proved to be much more stable for me than any other version before (I started with Vue 5 Infinite). Sure, Vue 7 also crashed on me sometimes randomly which could make me furious as hell, but in the end the crashes were few, in most cases avoidable and related to very complex scenes or operations. I was hesitating whether I should upgrade to Vue 8 or not, because the features that were added didn't justify the upgrade price for me (I also posted this in the Renderosity cloud thread that you mentioned above), but ultimately I compared the prices of previous upgrades if you had skipped one version and if e-on continue their price policy I am sure I would have payed more next year for upgrading from Vue 7 Infinite to Vue 9 Infinite compared to what I have to pay for upgrading from Vue 7 to 8 and from 8 to 9. Having admired Terragen 2's displacement and overhangs for several years now I was sold with e-on's new and improved displacement engine. I think it's understandable that I am disappointed that particularly this feature doesn't work as promised. The sad thing is that it's not even a bug, because I have to admit that there are some neat new displacement options and that it works a lot faster and more precisely on lower resolution terrains and primitives. But with high resolution terrains the software is just so damn hungry for memory that it crashes my entire PC. That's not a bug, that's simply bad management of resources for heavily detailed terrains. And that's also what makes it useless for me, unless I find a workaround or can live with lower displacement quality. I mean, 12 GB of 1600 Mhz DDR3-RAM - how much more do I need to use this feature if that's still not enough?

The changes in the atmosphere editor lie in the render engine, so previous atmospheres should work without problems and -most importantly- roughly look the same. And they do, except for the clouds - they look a lot better now, the new lighting in Spectral Atmospheres 3 is incredible. I have to agree with Frank that the cloud lighting is far superior to TG2 now. If e-on finally allows us to change the noise that is used to produce the cloud details then also the clouds will be finaly on par with TG2, if not even better because Vue's function editor offers more nodes to use in this area. Either way Spectral 3 is a big step into the right direction.

My Vue 7 atmosphere was designed to expose a big, dramatic hole in the sky with extremely bright godrays peeking through, and in Vue 8 the godrays are completely gone, so now I can start from scratch. That's what made me angry, but I guess this happened indeed due to the new render engine. Ah well, I can't really blame e-on for this.

The population bug is very annoying, though. Maybe it's a scene dependent thing, I will have to check that.

So at the moment there is only one "real" bug - the dynamic population scale. The new terrain editor is beyond awesome I must admit, and apart from the displacement issue Vue 8 is running rock stable so far. My first post included a lot of frustration, but now after calming down I don't think anymore that this upgrade was really a mistake. E-on, fix the displacement and I am a happy customer, because everything else works as advertised.


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Quote from: Bluestorm on November 11, 2009, 08:55:57 am
...I received my upgrade to Vue 8 Infinite yesterday and so far I am not very impressed. Displacement on terrains that are bigger than 512x512 are once again NOT possible without making Vue crash  >:(, and I have 12 GB of DDR3 Ram and a Core i7 920 overclocked @ 3.6 Ghz, so it's not my system's fault...

Bluestorm , just a thought but i have heard really strange things going on with overclocked pc's .
Have you tried without overclocking?.You know especially 3d software are very demanding on cpu's and overclocked ram and such.



Thanks Kadri, but I know now that there's a memory leak in the current V8 build which leads to extremely long rendertimes :(. There's talk about that in the official Vue 8 forum at e-on.

So that might be a reason for the bad memory management. Interestingly enough I can displace procedural (!) terrains without any problem. Strange, because they're a lot more hungry for memory than standard ones. But oh well, I am glad it works now.

I submitted a render of Vue's Spectral 3 atmospheres to my deviantart:


Nice render  Bluestorm.
Is the DOF  in V8 or post ?



Thanks :)

The DoF is postwork with the DoF Pro plugin from . I can recommend this plugin to anyone who wants to add DoF to their renders. I don't know if Terragen can also produce Z-Depth images, but even if it didn't you can still add nice subtle effects without a proper depthmap.

I am still using V3, but I will upgrade to V4 sooner or later.


Ok, I did it. I just bought the Terragen 2 Mega Bundle for 799 $. The price is unbeatable (although I fell of my chair when I recognized that the 799 $ didn't include the VAT, but oh well  ;D), considering the price for the Standalone Xfrog Libraries and Xfrog 3.5. To be honest I bought it because of the plants, since Vue plants are definitely not suited for closeups, and I have long wanted to model my own plants. But since I get Terragen 2 "on top of that" ;) I guess e-on won't see my money for quite a while. I've been so pi**ed of by the latest Vue 8 update that I am longing for a stable software now.

So, after all I hope to get the best out of both worlds, since I can use Xfrog plants both with Vue and Terragen 2 :)

Terragen 2 + Xfrog + Vue 8 Infinite = probably a very powerful package.


Terragen 2 + computer = powerful enough for me! :D
They just issued a tornado warning and said to stay away from windows. Does that mean I can't use my computer?