BillBoard, I finally figured out image mapping?

Started by Henry Blewer, October 27, 2009, 10:01:41 am

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Henry Blewer

This is an experiment. I found the image in the Flickr Commons. To get the image to map correctly, I had to use PoseRay.
Uses Walli's grasses, XFrog's Sweet Birch, and a European Popular I downloaded from Ashunder some time ago. I did not write down who made the tree; it's pretty good I think.
Comments are welcome, but I do not plan on doing more with this.
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Nice image (... or nice idea..) but I have some suggestions...
the image needs some extra light by increasing saturation..
the igrass s uniform  some displacement to have a real look...

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Henry Blewer

Thanks, I was just experimenting. This is the first time I had a success with image mapping.
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